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About Us

Current tools and practices....

We use the latest technology to enhance our skills in providing the finest and most complete report for our clients. Utilizing drones to photograph the entire lot as well as to take close-ups of the roof to define issues. We also use state of the art thermal imaging cameras to find missing or moved insulation. Super sensitive moisture meters to detect possible leaks behind walls or between floors where they cannot be seen until significant damage has been done.

We've partnered with the best...

Today there are ways to verify the appliances and systems in the home you're interested in buying are safe, efficient and have a good deal of life left in them. We note the manufacturers, model type, and serial numbers to check and insure that if there is a problem we can detect - we do! And we let you know right away!

We provide a thorough report...

We know you have a lot on your mind when buying a house so we make our report as concise and accurate as we can! We also provide you with online access to "HomeBinder" which will help you keep your home maintenance needs current with very little effort!

WE are the Leaders!

We spend the time...

We don't just "inspect" - we investigate and analyze our findings.

Our tools enhance our experience...

Yes, we take pictures from the air to better explain property drainage and roof wear.

We look into the walls...

Hmm, is that huge wall in the great room missing insulation?

Hidden leaks...

We check the floors below the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms with an infrared camera and if we see something we follow up with a very sensitive moisture meter.

Major system checks...

Your HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems all are reviewed for efficiency, wear and safety.

The report and after...

Our report is comprehensive and so is our follow up. We utilize RecallChek and HomeBinder to help YOU continue to keep your home safe, efficient and properly maintenanced.


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